The European Live Beekeeping Association (ELBA) is dedicated to the bee and beekeepers. Being useful and at their service, that is his credo.
The ELBA proposes the setting up of a respectful beekeeping while being modern and profitable for the beekeeper.
This living beekeeping makes it possible to obtain hive’s products of a very high quality which will be intended for both food and medicinal use as tradition has always taught us.
History has long validated the health benefits of these products, but current research is increasingly confirming their potential.

The specific objectives of ELBA are:
• Preservation of local subspecies.
• Teaching of apiculture.
• Installation of study and observation apiaries.
• Promotion of apitherapy.
• Protection and development of honey flora.

AEAV carries out these missions through the establishment of:
• Cooperation projects with governments and public bodies.
• Partnerships such as sponsorship or patronage (individual, company, etc.).